The 2 modes of thinking

If you can't find the answer to a question or a problem, no matter how hard you try, stop thinking about it and do something else. Sometimes, the brain is conditioned to think in a certain way in focused thinking mode. You are following the same pattern to solve or answer the question. Hence, you … Continue reading The 2 modes of thinking

Fit and me?

I have been busy doing a lot during the past two weeks or so. Preparing for the last semester of my undergraduate degree has been stressing me out and I added another goal to my already-full to-do list...

December is here!!!!

The ground sparkled with golden and copper coloured  flowers, the skies with silver clouds  and the air with white fog. Dressed in a warm coat, thick jeans, and a scarf, I was ready to battle the cold. It's still the beginning of December and just thinking about my assignments and exams makes me feel as if December … Continue reading December is here!!!!