The 2 modes of thinking

If you can't find the answer to a question or a problem, no matter how hard you try, stop thinking about it and do something else. Sometimes, the brain is conditioned to think in a certain way in focused thinking mode. You are following the same pattern to solve or answer the question. Hence, you … Continue reading The 2 modes of thinking

Lies that we may believe/tell part 2 (superstitions)

If a black cat crosses your way It's bad luck If you walk under a ladder It's bad luck If you break a mirror It's bad luck Friday the 13th It's bad luck A four-leaf clover It's good luck I think that superstition can be one category of lies. Some superstitions are not really lies, … Continue reading Lies that we may believe/tell part 2 (superstitions)

What is NOT the correct temperature to drink a hot beverage?

I have expressed my love for coffee and my subsequent breakup with it in my older posts. However, I never wrote about reconciling with it. I wrote this poem on a 15 minutes bus ride to university and a 10 minutes’ walk to the library. Well, I sure disliked coffee for making me dizzy, nauseous … Continue reading What is NOT the correct temperature to drink a hot beverage?

You like your voice or hate it?

The way you speak; your accent, the cadence; that is rhythmic flow of your sentences, the tone of your voice; whether low and baritone or squeaky and high or rich and echoey (yes, this word exists, I didn't make it up) are reflections of the physical environment you were brought up and lived in. Just … Continue reading You like your voice or hate it?

White as snow

White is the colour of snow, the most beautiful thing I have seen this winter. This was the first time that I saw snow in real and touched it and played with it. There is no snow in Mauritius; it is a tropical island. It is pure and malleable. It hides the colour of the leaves making it seem like a blanket as if warming up the trees, rooftops, car roofs, and statues. However, it takes the colour of mud and becomes brown. It does not shy from change. It can be transformed into different shapes and sizes.

Breakfast in China In many cultures and countries, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. In China, people start to line up for breakfast in front of local "breakfast tables/stalls" (as I call them) as early as 7 a.m until 9 a.m  before going to work or school. Images' source Breakfast in China differs … Continue reading Breakfast in China