Review time

We are nearing the end of December and as such, it's time for a little review of some of my posts. Many times there are posts which I think I have written quite well but they don't receive much traffic and then there are others which are not exceptionally well-written but people read them and … Continue reading Review time

December is here!!!!

The ground sparkled with golden and copper coloured  flowers, the skies with silver clouds  and the air with white fog. Dressed in a warm coat, thick jeans, and a scarf, I was ready to battle the cold. It's still the beginning of December and just thinking about my assignments and exams makes me feel as if December … Continue reading December is here!!!!

The wonders of Shan Tang Road

The view from the bridge was refreshing despite the busy environment. Car drivers honking, and pedestrians talking loudly did not distract me from enjoying the beautiful sun which was setting just behind the houses near the canal. My friends went ahead, but I decided to stay behind for a moment to take a deep breath … Continue reading The wonders of Shan Tang Road