The Journey of Nostalgia(2)

Desolate, sad, dilapidated Ironclad and rusty Weeds growing Pebbles crunching Under the feet Railway tracks Mingling and intertwined Electrical lines Linked to poles Linearly and parallelly Covering distances Between star-crossed lovers Seeing each other Never really reaching each other Broken pieces Concrete and raw Canals and bridges Smothered with grime Flooding acrimoniously With sewage and … Continue reading The Journey of Nostalgia(2)

The Journey of Nostalgia (1)

We texted We spoke The words we felt and held In our hearts and souls We kissed We told Our bodies and our hearts The sensations we felt The feelings we understood We travelled We explored Nature in its finesse The trees spoke My tresses flowed We ran We jumped Swooning under the moon Diving … Continue reading The Journey of Nostalgia (1)