Any Comments?

I was lost in my own world since the beginning of Christmas holidays and that made me clueless about what's happening in the big bad world. I used to be a debater (not a brilliant one though). I was in the English Debate Society in my first and second years at university and I used to know what was … Continue reading Any Comments?

A little more about me

I first started this blog to let readers know about scenic spots in Suzhou, the city I am currently living in. After a while, it turned into an account of my daily life and experiences. Then I started writing creative stuff, like poetry and fictional short stories and now I can sense that I am … Continue reading A little more about me

December is here!!!!

The ground sparkled with golden and copper coloured  flowers, the skies with silver clouds  and the air with white fog. Dressed in a warm coat, thick jeans, and a scarf, I was ready to battle the cold. It's still the beginning of December and just thinking about my assignments and exams makes me feel as if December … Continue reading December is here!!!!