A weekend in Shanghai (Day 2 part 2)

This is the second day of my trip in Shanghai and If you wanna know about the marathon that I ran for Rotaract Shanghai's Run in Blue for Down Syndrome rehabilitation, check the part 1. If you haven't read about my experiences on my first day, go check it out here. After the run, I … Continue reading A weekend in Shanghai (Day 2 part 2)

A weekend in Shanghai (Day 1)

Last weekend, I went to Shanghai with my friend to visit the bund, Xin tian di (新天地), eat food, and have fun.... The primary reason for my visit however, was to participate in Run in Blue organised by Rotaract Shanghai to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. My friend and I took the train from Suzhou … Continue reading A weekend in Shanghai (Day 1)

An eventful day (part 2)| Chocolate cake (English Version)

Hello friends! I have written my first post in French and I wanted to translate the whole thing in English on the same post, but I got a technical problem and then the post was published due to my clumsiness. But never mind, let' s do this again! So, this is not going to be … Continue reading An eventful day (part 2)| Chocolate cake (English Version)

Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness provides many benefits like greater focus, higher productivity, less stress and more happiness among others. Practicing mindfulness, that is, staying in the present is a lot like exercising self-control; avoiding thinking about that finance class when you are in a mathematics class, or enjoying dinner with your friends instead of thinking about that work … Continue reading Practicing mindfulness