The Journey of Nostalgia (3)

Hello friends, this is my 100th post! Yay! To celebrate this, I had previously asked my friends on social media, and on WordPress to send me word(s) or phrases for me to create something out of them. I have tried to incorporate the words you (they) sent me in the most beautiful way I can … Continue reading The Journey of Nostalgia (3)


The Journey of Nostalgia(2)

Desolate, sad, dilapidated Ironclad and rusty Weeds growing Pebbles crunching Under the feet Railway tracks Mingling and intertwined Electrical lines Linked to poles Linearly and parallelly Covering distances Between star-crossed lovers Seeing each other Never really reaching each other Broken pieces Concrete and raw Canals and bridges Smothered with grime Flooding acrimoniously With sewage and … Continue reading The Journey of Nostalgia(2)

Finding my rescue boat

I was in a haze Created by the blaze Of fire on the horizon I was basking in the wave Of emotions felt in the cave Nested in a corner of the island Looking through binoculars of darkness Searching for the light of happiness Awaiting the rescue boat from the unpredictable sea Darkness enveloped me … Continue reading Finding my rescue boat